About Nanjing/南京

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Nanjing, called ning, called jinling, health, is in jiangsu province, deputy provincial city, nanjing metropolitan circle core cities, has 11 district, a total area of 6587 square kilometers, 2016 area is 1125.78 square kilometers. Resident population of 8.335 million people in 2017, urban resident population of 6.8589 million people, the urbanization rate of 82.29%.

Nanjing is located in the eastern part of China, the Yangtze river downstream, jiang offshore, is China's eastern command headquarters, the Yangtze river international shipping logistics center, radiation Yangtze river delta important gateway cities, driving the development of the central and western regions of the country is also the eastern coastal economic belt and the important node of the junction of the Yangtze river economic belt strategic city.

Nanjing is China's four big ancient capital, the first batch of national historical and cultural city, is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization, has a history of more than 7000 years of civilization, founded nearly 2600 years and capitals of nearly 500 years, "the six dynasties ancient capital", "ten at will," said, a "world Wen Shu", "southeast first to learn".

In November 2018, nanjing included in the "2018 China's happiest cities".